Pesquisa Rápida  sees its suppliers as one of the strongest foundations in this company, as well as its partners.

All the information from suppliers is recorded and used to make a register, allowing them to get a prequalification.
Our research applies mainly to the selection of supplier applicants who can better present: price, qaulity and service. However, our selection of applicants goes beyond in these three criteria.

- what is the global quality? Does it go beyond the minimum required quality? Problems at this level, it will break the link in the supply chain. We want to assure that this situation doesn't happen.

- the delivery service: the agility, the reliability, the stability of deliveries, meeting the deadlines, the flexibility of suppliers, the technological monitoring, the logistics and the organizational structure, the rules of social responsibility, the environmental awareness, among others.

- price: inherent price, duty costs and tariffs, insurances, etc.

In this global world, we want to get suppliers and customers together. This faster access between these players will reduce costs and make everyone more competitive.